Class Memories Survey

WE HAVE JUST OVER A MONTH and classmates are still signing up for our 50th shindig.  SO... we thought it would be fun to add a survey to our website to capture some Memories, Likes/dislikes, opinions and trivia to our evening.  We thought it may be fun to do a  Jimmy Fallon-like "Thankyou"  routine and some other off-the-wall comments to liven up the eveining.  Whether you can be with us or not, please join in by taking the "Survey" below.  AND IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, Please call or email.  NOW BE HONEST!? "It's for posterity.":

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1)   Give at least one memory of a Teacher, Coach, or Adult at Cyprus? Good and Bad memories are welcome - either deserve a special "Thankyou"

2)   What was one of your favorite songs of the 60's? And what relate-able memories are associated with it?

3)   What were your favorite activities at Cyprus?

4)   Go look at your senior Yearbook. Copy a comment and ask that classmate a question you'd really like to know or make a comment back.

5)   How many descendants do you have at this point?

  0 to 10
  11 to 25
  25 or more
  Not really sure
6)   What is your favorite pastime now?

7)   What truth have you learned that you'd like to pass on to the rest of us?

8)   Would you like to have dancing at the reunion?

Yes No
9)   Do you have something that you'd like to bring that you'd like to show, recite, sing, or tell the class?